Thursday, 12 May 2016

Hawk Opening

Hawk Opening Saturday May 14 - Limited Play

It is an exciting time not only for golfers but also for the crew that has spent hours preparing the course for play.  This weekend will provide some much needed feedback on where the greens are in relation to being able to handle the stress of traffic on the surface.  The staff will be out evaluating how the grass handles traffic areas, ball marks, roll of the ball & other variables.  The greens are still very immature as far as root growth is concerned and we are still encouraging a great deal of top growth which is in direct relation to root growth.  This will mean the greens will be very slow and will not have the breaks and rolls that you would expect under normal playing conditions.
Thank you in advance for any feedback you provide.
Teaching an old dog new tricks?

Bunker preparation on #14 Hawk

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Pin Placement Technology

Like everything else in our world today, pin placement is being aided by technology.  Advances in technology will help determine pin placements by taking into account factors such as current green speeds, past pin locations, future events, & green slopes.
We are currently working with EZlocator and will be scanning the Hawk greens next week to determine exact slopes and create a 3-D map of each of the newly re-surfaced greens.  This will set the base for the computer generated pin sheets that will be used to determine the hole locations each day.
The following picture is an example of a course that is using this technology in Arizona.  The black dots indicate locations that can be used as hole locations.  The various colors are an indication of slope - green being relatively flat moving towards pink and blue which indicate high degree of slope.
This technology will eliminate "bad pins" or "pins in the same location as earlier in the week".

3-D Imaging of Green Surface
We are very excited about the potential of this technology to ensure exact pin placements to provide fair hole locations for golfer.  Stay tuned for further information on how you can use this information to improve your golf game!

Saturday, 23 April 2016

Renovations on Hawk continue to move forward

Green surrounds were completed on holes 5&8 Hawk this week.  The changes to the greens surrounds not only enhance agronomic conditions but also improve playability of the holes.  Changes to the Fairway on #5 will also open up new options for attacking the green.

Green Surrounds 8 Hawk

5 Hawk from 100 yards

Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Preparation of Hawk Greens putting surface

Top dressing Hawk Greens
1st step in creating smooth putting surface
Dragging the sand into the turf canopy levels the surface to create a smooth putting surface.

Thursday, 14 April 2016

April 13th on the Hawk Course

Tarps are constantly being removed
and moved from hole-to-hole to
promote as much growth as possible
Applying a sand topdressing to 1. This
will help smooth the putting surfaces
by filling depressions
Manually dragging in sand
topdressing to avoid heavy
traffic on the new greens
3 Hawk received it's first ever mow
- at a height of 4.8mm 

Monday, 11 April 2016

A Glance into the First Week of April

Sand was started to be added to
the new bunkers on 2 Hawk.

Tree planting on 8 Hawk
Small trees were planted where the shade
management took place on the Hawk
Fairways received a mow. This instantly
greens them up because we are mowing
off the browned leaf tips
Leaves and other debris that fell over
the winter needs to be picked up off
the course.
Water, water, water. This time the
newly planted trees are getting watered

The new Hawk greens received their
first mow of the season - at the height
of 4.8mm

Sunday, 3 April 2016

The first few days of April

The putting green and short game practice
area were prepped and opened for use
on April 1st
The chipping green area was opened.
No divots should be taken here please,
longer shots can be practiced at the short
game area off the mats provided.
The sod on 2 Hawk green that was
laid on October 9th is starting to send
roots into the rootzone below
Keeping the newly sodded Hawk greens
wet has been #1 priority for the Hawk crew
with such warm temperatures.