Friday, 29 April 2011

Golf Course Update April 29th / 2011

Golf Course Update

Driving Range
Unfortunately the golf course received approximately 4" of new snow between Thursday night and Friday morning. The snow has now stopped and the melt should resume soon as it looks like the sun is coming out. Although the new snow shouldn't be around long, it has slowed melting of existing snow and the drying process required to get the driving range open. Earlier in the week we were optimistically hoping to get the range open for this weekend however I think it will be mid next week at the earliest. Stay tuned to this blog or Priddis Greens web site for updates.

We were busy this week blowing snow off greens, tees and started on fairways that stay very wet. I am certain that the conditions of the turf would come through better if we just let the snow melt, however some our snow would likely be here until June if we didn't help it go.

We have had a good look at 16 of our 40 greens and they all look very good. The only imperfections on those greens at this point are scuff marks from snow blowers on a few greens. This is something that happens most springs and the scuffs will be gone before or shortly after we open.

Because we have been prioritizing greens we haven't cleared as many tees as we have greens but all the tees that have been exposed look great.

Fairways remained covered in snow with the exception of a few areas on the back nine Raven that are exposed to more sun light. The areas of turf on fairways we have been able to inspect look good. The Kentucky Bluegrass on fairways looks great and I think the Annual Bluegrass although it looks weak for the most part should come out fine. We do need to get things dried out because Poa is prone to spring disease if it stays cold and wet.

A large percentage of the rough will be effected by snow mold because of the amount and duration of snow cover & because rough does not receive a preventative application of fungicide. Once the ground is dry enough, staff will be out verti cutting and sweeping the matted down rough grass to encourage turf recovery.

Vole Damage

Many golf courses in the Calgary region are reporting severe turf damage from voles. Although we have only been able to inspect small sections of rough because of snow cover we are seeing only moderate damage versus some of the carnage being reported at other clubs. We anxiously await to see if the work performed trying to prevent excessive vole damage paid off.

Turf Care Labour Hours for April
52 hrs removing snow from cart paths or parking lots
203 hrs removing snow from greens
36 hrs removing snow from tees
22 hrs removing snow from fairway and rough
88 hrs pulling tarps and bubble wrap off greens
6 hrs mowing greens
38 hrs on accessories at driving range
191 hrs on Tree Work
44 hrs splitting logs
135 hrs chipping Branches
53 hrs repairing stairs from 10R green - 11 Raven tee

Grand total on snow removal for April is 313 hours!!

Thursday, 28 April 2011

Staff Long Term Service Awards

Today all departments at the Golf Club had long term staff members recognized for their service and contributions to Priddis Greens during a luncheon held at the club house in the dining room.

The Turf Care department recognized 23 members of our team with either 3-5-10 or 15+ year awards. We are very pleased to report that these 23 staff members together with 25 other returning staff members make up the core of a 75 person strong Turf Care team. Considering the primarily seasonal nature of the positions, we are very happy to have such an experienced team to help create the best possible golfing experience for Priddis Greens members.

Congratulations to the following staff who were recognized with long term service awards.

3 Year Service Awards
Mike Mackinnon - Assistant Superintendent (Raven GC)
Garry Alcaraz - GC Technician (Philipino Foreign Worker)
Lucas Alvarez - GC Technician (Philipino Foreign Worker)
Daniel Basilio - GC Technician (Philipino Foreign Worker)
Dedith Espiritu - GC Technician (Philipino Foreign Worker)
Eric Grampa - GC Technician (Philipino Foreign Worker)
Junel Leysico - GC Technician (Philipino Foreign Worker)
Weldum Venus - GC Technician (Philipino Foreign Worker)
Jason Croome - GC Technician
Ethan Baily - Weekend Staff
Zack Brittner - Weekend Staff
Blair Yoxall - Weekend Staff

5 Year Awards
Peter Kavanagh- Shop Foreman
Jean Link - Turf Care Office Admin
Elaine Pollock - GC Technician
Theresa Pollock - GC Technician
Mike Darling - Weekend Staff

10 Year Awards
Chad Armitage - Sr. Assistant GC Superintendent (Hawk GC)
Lance Morris - Assistant GC Superintendent (Hawk GC)

15 Year + awards
Steven Lockhart - Irrigation Manager
Russ Blackstaffe - Assistant Mechanic
James Beebe - Golf Course Manager(17 years)

Don Kerslake - GC Technician (18 years)

Monday, 25 April 2011

Golf Course Update April 26th / 2011

Blowing Snow on the Driving Range Monday April 25th / 2011

Golf Course Update

Driving Range:
Turf Care staff will continue to prioritize getting the driving range open as soon as possible. Staff have been and will continue to blow and spread snow to facilitate a quicker melt and drying time.

Once most of the snow has melted from the driving range fairway and it is dry enough for the ball picker to drive on the fairway the range will open. It is of course largely weather dependent, however we are shooting for this weekend if at all possible. I would call that a long shot.

Turf Conditions

With substantial melting over the past 5 days we have finally started to see some turf. We are generally pleased with what we are seeing although there is only approximately 5% of the turf exposed. We have been able to inspect all or parts of nine greens and they look good. Although we have only seen small sections of fairways and a few tee decks both of those areas also look good so far.

One area that does concern me is the condition of the rough. We are seeing significant amounts of snow mold in rough areas that do not receive snow mold fungicide protection in the fall as do greens, tees and fairways. It is too early to determine if the snow mold damage was severe enough to kill turfgrass or just the old leaf blades. Normally, snow mold damage in the rough is somewhat superficial and starts to grow back once we scarify the turf with rakes and brushes and the ground warms up.

Monday, 18 April 2011

Golf Course Etiquette Video

This video was developed to show at the Priddis Greens new members orientation. The video contains information to show golfers how to properly care for the golf course.

Golf course etiquette in the following 5 areas is discussed:

1) Recomended ball mark repair technique
2) Bunker etiqutte
3) Divot replacement (sand /seed vs. replace divot)
4) Practice technique on the driving range grass tee
5) Golf car driving etiquette

Double Click on Video to Open Full Screen

Saturday, 9 April 2011

Turf Care Staff Orientation

(Approx. 60 Turf Care Staff in the club house - orientation presentation)

On Saturday April 9th the Turf Care Department held its annual staff orientation training day. Approximately 60 staff participated in the orientation to prepare staff for the upcoming golf season. The entire orientation program is designed to ensure all staff are prepared and educated to start contributing in a safe and efficient manner on their first day of work.

The orientation is a 5 hr session that starts at the club house with a review of the clubs vision, mission and goals. We review the clubs history, and communicate the importance of everyone’s role in helping to ensure Priddis Greens members have the best possible experience while they are at the golf course.

The first session of the day includes:

• Review of Turf Care and Club policies
• Review management / supervisor / employee responsibilities
• Golf Course etiquette training video
• Occupational Health and Safety training
• WHIMIS training and testing
• Review of Priddis Greens environmental policies & Audubon program review

(Turf Care Compound Tour)

Turf Care Compound Tour includes:

• Equipment operation and safety discussion
• Emergency response plan review
• Review equipment fueling procedures
• Numerous miscellaneous policies such as staff parking, first aid and fire extinguisher location

Turf Care Facility Tour – Policy Review (Maintenance Shop)

• Review shop etiquette
• Fill out all required documentation
• Review staff golf privileges • Review work schedules
• Reinforce importance of staff roles & duties

Equipment Repair Shop Tour

• Mechanics teach shop etiquette
• Review proper equipment maintenance techniques
• Review the cost of equipment to create awareness and pride
• Explain the expense and operational challenges of damaged equipment
• Safety awareness discussion

(Staff Uniform Fitting and Ordering Station)

Friday, 8 April 2011

Golf Course Update April 8th / 2011

Number 18 Hawk - Photo taken April 8th / 2011 2:00pm

Golf Course Update

After the 12" dump of snow the golf course recieved last weekend (April 2-3) Turf Care staff have unable to make any forward progress clearing snow from the golf course. However the forecast does look like it is calling for sun and a little more heat. We expect to see melting this weekend and we hope that is the start of good things to come. The driving range remains covered in snow and we will need a good 10 days of melting on the range before we can entertain an opening schedule.

We will start to update the blog more frequently as we progress towards opening.

Free Firewood Available

Turf Care staff spent a large part of the week hauling logs in from the golf course. The logs from dead trees removed through out the winter and also from the cart path relocation project are bucked up into fire place length peices. This firewood is made available to members free of charge on a first come first serve basis. Please take as much as you wish. The wood is mostly Poplar, Aspen with a few Spruce mixed in. The logs are piled at the compound surrounded by the log wall off Priddis Greens Dr. near # 2 Hawk. Please dont remove logs from the wall.

Pile of Firewood in the compound beside # 2 Hawk.

Friday, 1 April 2011

Photo Relief From Snow

I know we are tired of posting photos of snow, and we are certain members are tired of looking at them. So we decided to put together a photo montage of nice summer golf course pictures. Enjoy!!!

April 1st - The Weather is No Joke

The golf course remains covered with snow and unfortunately the weather forecast is calling for another 20cm over the next few days.

This forecast of heavy snow for Saturday April 2nd has forced the cancellation of the annual Turf Care staff orientation and training day. The orientation will be rescheduled for Saturday April 9th.

Photo on the left taken Thursday March 31st at # 4 Raven tee.

Golf Course Opening Statistics

While searching for data on historical golf course opening dates, Ron Hood supplied us with the following information.

Earliest Opening Ever - April 4th (Pre 1994)

Latest Opening Ever - May 6th (2009)

10 year average - April 22th - 27th.

We will need some very good weather in the next few weeks to achieve this target.