Saturday, 25 June 2011

Drainage at 15 Raven

Exposing a French drain to catch side hill seepage

Water running onto 15 Raven green

Water has been bleeding out of the hill behind 15 Raven green for weeks now and although it hasn't rained much over the past 4 days, water flow seems to be increasing. Water has been running onto the putting surface for a number of days now making the green soft, difficult to maintain and it's compromising playability.

Steve Lockhart (Irrigation Manager)sent a camera snake up the drainage line exiting into the pond and was able to identify an old 6" drain line behind the green. After digging and exposing the drain line it was found to be a French drain that had been covered with 8" of soil rendering the drain ineffective.

Ross Moore (Construction Foreman) and his team set out this morning to remove the sod and soil over top of the French drain in order to catch the water before it makes its way to the green.

Only a few minutes after removing the saturated soil over top of the drain the water seepage seems to be entering the drain vs. bleeding onto the putting surface.

Once the guys complete exposing the French drain, we will place gravel or sand to the top of the trench and re sod the trench leaving a small gap for water to enter the drain. The final steps may have to completed once the area dries up a little more.

Friday, 24 June 2011

10 Raven Green Settling / Slumping

10 Raven green - 1,010sq' or 16.6 % of green affected by soil slumping

Turf Care staff have been monitoring the changes in slumping at 10 Raven green on a daily basis. There have been changes on a daily basis, however, those changes have been minimal over the past few days.

As soon as the slumping stabilizes, and the engineering AMEC gets back to us with a report on the situation, Turf Care staff will begin repairs. If the slumping does not worsen substantially, the repair work will be performed in house with Priddis Greens staff and it should only take a few days. During the repair process, staff will likely be able to utilize almost all of the existing turf on the green, repair broken drainage and irrigation, add a sand base of approximately 10" over the affected area and replace the sod.
The cost too repair the green and areas surrounding the green will be absorbed in the Turf Care 2011 operating budget.

Thursday, 23 June 2011

1 Hawk Photo with Double Rainbow

Photo by Jeremy Tanner - Senior Associate Professional June 1st, 2011

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Golf Course Update June 22nd / 2011

10 Raven and Cart Path Slumping

The 10th green and cart path near the green are experiencing slumping or settling from ground movement likely caused by the excessive moisture in the ground.

Slumping or settling on the right side of 10 green Raven

Cart Path Slumping and separating

Following a few days of the green and path slumping the Club spoke to Geotechnical Engineers about the situation and they recommended closing both the 10th and 11th holes until they could evaluate the situation.

After the inspection performed by AMEC (Geotechnical Engineering Firm) on Tuesday June 21st, the 10th and 11th holes were re opened as there was no immediate safety concern identified other than at the cart path.

AMEC spent a few hours inspecting the areas affected by the slumping in and around the 10th green and cart path and will now complete their investigative work by studying aerial photos and topographic maps. While AMEC is performing this work Turf Care Staff will continue to monitor and report any changes to the Engineers. Expectations for an initial report on the situation are early next week period. We have been told that once the Geotechnical report is completed that Hydrology Engineers will likely need to come and develop a strategy for dealing with the slumping.

The cart path at 10 green will be closed until strategies for repairs are developed. While the path is closed, golf carts will be routed down in front of the green on the turf. This temporary cart routing is some what steep and potentially hazardous if carts drive to quickly on wet grass. Please use caution and drive very slow to avoid turf damage and risk of golf cart accident.

Monday, 13 June 2011

Golf Course Update June 13th 2011


Monday June 6th: Greens were aerated on the Hawk golf course on Monday June 6th. The aeration process was successful as the weather cooperated for the most part. The greens healed very quickly due to small holes being punched and the heavy rain experienced on Tuesday June 7th helped work the heavy topdressing into the turf.

A Greens Aerator Monday on the Hawk Golf Course

Topdressing approximately 6,000 lbs of sand per green following aeration

Working the topdressing sand into the aeration holes with a mechanical brush.

Tuesday June 7th: Staff started to detail the golf course in the afternoon maintenance gap program. After getting 5 holes completed staff were sent home as the Thorgard lightning prediction system went of twice and staff were rained on twice. After most staff went home we received an incredible 1.25" of rain (32mm) in approximately 2 hours. Remaining staff sand bagged until approximately 7pm when the water level started to recede. Erosion damage to bunkers was significant. Sand bagging worked well as only minor erosion to creek banks and cart path edges was experienced.

Wednesday June 8th: All staff spent a 10 hour day repairing flood damage. Every bunker on the golf course had to have silt removed and sand shovelled back from the low spots back up to the slopes. That just about wore everyone out.

Thursday June 9th: Prepare the golf course for an 8:00am members shotgun followed by a corporate 36 hole tournament at 1:30pm.

The construction crew strip sod on the left hand side of 2 Raven in preparation for arrival of 18,000 sq' of sod Friday morning.

Friday June 10th: Staff are able to get back out on the golf course with some equipment to mow grass that is getting very long due to our inability to get equipment on very soft saturated ground. We are now using light weight ride on greens mowers on fairways and hand mowing rough areas with walking push mowers to minimize rutting from equipment tires. This is very labour intensive and inefficient but gets the job done. All greens are fertilized with liquid fertilizer and Plant Growth Regulators.

Construction crew have big day installing all the sod on 2 Raven.

Saturday June 11th: The golf course is pummelled with 53mm (2.125")of rain. Staff are able to perform a few essential maintenance tasks before going into flood mode. Most staff leave around noon while an elite team of sand baggers stay to fight the good fight to protect areas from erosion.

Construction crew was able to lay 10 pallets of sod on 17 Raven in the rain. A Special thanks to the guys for this one a it couldn't have been more challenging conditions.

Pouring rain, mud but getting the sod installed

The sod crew lead by Ross Moore working through nasty conditions.

Sunday June 12th: The golf course is closed in the morning so Turf Care staff can repair flood damage and repair all the bunkers from the heavy rains the day before. Staff are able to ready the golf course for a 1:30pm opening and just in time to get the mixed member guest out on time. No mowing of any areas other than greens is completed due to excessive moisture.

Miscellaneous: Dandelions are out of control on the golf course due to perfect conditions for a bloom and staff have been unable to spray because of rain and prioritizing all labour getting the golf course re opened following flooding.

Cart path asphalting on 16 Hawk was re scheduled for the 3rd week in row due to soft conditions caused by more rain.

Standard mowing is not an option now as the ground is saturated and to soft for equipment. Fairways and rough that are normally mowed 4 - 5 days per week might be getting mowed 1X / week due to these wet soft conditions.

We are now experiencing the wettest conditions ever (in my opinion of 18 years at Priddis Greens).

Water has somehow gotten under the turf on 7 Hawk and created a water bed on a large section of the fairway.

Turf on 7 Hawk damaged by water intrusion getting under the turf and lifting it up. Once water stops running we have this rolled smooth.

Although the sod project replacing rough on the front nine Raven is taking longer than anticipated, the construction crew has completed close to half of the work in conditions that are not conducive for progress. These guys are awesome!

This Week June 13 - 19th

Monday June 13th: Prepare the golf course for a 36 Hole 8:00am corporate shotgun. Try to mow any grass that we can get with hand mowers and the greens mowers on fairways. 6 staff sprayed weeds with back pack sprayers to get a start before more rain comes on Wednesday. Sr. Staff stay late to continue to mow late into the day after the shotgun.

Construction crew continue on preparations to replace sod on 3, 4 and 6 Raven

Tuesday June 14th: Brushing greens for grain control on the Raven in the morning, a light topdressing followed by Planet Aire spiking and rolling Raven greens in the afternoon gap program.

Big mowing day in very wet conditions. Lots of push mowing to try to catch up on very long grass. If there is a risk of damage the long grass areas will have to wait another day.

Construction crew has 18,000sq' of sod rolling in at 6am and will push to get it all laid prior to forecasted rain on Wednesday.

Wednesday June 15th: Asphalting of 16 Hawk cart path canceled again due to wet conditions and the wet forecast. Hawk course maintenance gap scheduled for 11:00am. Lots of mowing and detailing planned if it doesn't rain. We will have an small army spraying dandelions if it doesn't rain.

Thursday June 16th: Rain Forecasted - All staff schedules and tasks will be adjusted based on conditions.

Friday June 17th: Rain Forecasted - All staff schedules and tasks will be adjusted based on conditions.

Saturday June 18th: Rain Forecasted - All staff schedules and tasks will be adjusted based on conditions.

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Golf Course Update June 11th 2011

The golf has received 2.125" (53 mm) of rain today between 5am and 3:00pm. Creeks and ponds are over flowing or bursting at the seams. We have experienced some erosion damage but staff spent the day sand bagging again and we think have minimized the damage.

With the ground totally saturated from previous rain events all precipitation seems to hit the surface and runs off or sits and puddles.

The golf course will be closed Sunday morning so staff can assess the damage and start the work to put things back together. Until water stops running hopefully tonight staff will be unable to accurately predict a re opening time.

When the golf course does re open it is going to be very wet. Wear your Dry Joys!

An update on the IVR net will be made at 10am to announce when the golf course will re open.

Total rain in the past month now over 12" or 300mm

The following photos were taken at 2:30pm today as the rain was finally letting up.

# 2 Hawk Green and bunker washed out. Staff have big job ahead in the morning. Almost all staff on their day off (again)will be coming in to help with putting the golf course back together.

#9 Hawk creek over topping the cart path. Note sand bags and a washed out bridge protecting the down stream side of the culverts rock armoring.

Water cascading over top of the cart path and down the bank as the pond on 17 Raven over flowed. Staff sand bagged and used tarps to direct water away from previous erosion damage.

#2 Hawk green under water with the bridge in the background covered in water. Water over topped this pond and flowed back into the creek behind the staging compound.

# 3 Hawk green 60% submerged in water. Bunkers also submerged and washed out. Lots of pumping water again tomorrow.

This rain is sure getting old fast. Bring on the good weather!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The golf course will be closed Sunday morning while staff put the golf course back together again. An update on the IVR net system will give up to the minute updates on when we will re open.

The following photos were taken this afternoon at 2:30pm

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

June 7th Storm

Water running across 16 Raven green Tuesday June 7th

At approximately 2:00pm Thursday June 7th Priddis Greens was hit with an isolated but heavy rain storm. The golf course received 33mm (1.25") of rain in approximately 2 hrs.

Because the rain came down so hard and so fast on saturated soils, significant amounts of water ran across greens, tees, fairways, rough and bunkers. The velocity of the running water was intense and caused significant damage to almost 100 bunkers on the golf course.

Staff were able to sand bag rivers of water crossing cart paths to re-direct water to minimize erosion. Some erosion took place to the left of 17 Raven cart path and to a lesser degree on 10 Raven path near the green. Both of these areas require repairs to ensure safe conditions for golf carts and maintenance equipment.

Staff will spend most of the day today pumping water out of bunkers and repairing washouts by hand shoveling sand back into the eroded areas. All other golf course maintenance procedures will are on hold until staff are able to complete golf course clean up.

Tees, fairways and rough are far to wet to be able to get equipment out mowing with out creating further damage. Fairways and rough height turf are getting very long and will be mowed down over a number of days once things dry out enough.

The 33 mm of rain brings the total rain count in the past 30 days up to 246mm or 9.85" of rain.

The following photos were taken on the evening of June 7th or morning of June 8th.

Staff came back to work Tuesday evening to sand bag numerous areas. 17 Raven cart path being sand bagged.

Erosion damage that was consistent with approximately 100 bunkers.

River s of water streaming across 7 Hawk fairway, rough and cart path.

Turf Care staff Wednesday morning repairing bunkers that were eroded.

Standing water in many bunkers that required pumping due to silt accumulation on top of sand from erosion.

Thursday, 2 June 2011

Wednesday Night Localized Storm

At 5:00pm last night Priddis Greens received 12mm (1/2") of Rain / hail in 20-30 minutes.

The golf course was just starting to show signs of drying after last weeks flooding and 6" of rain.

Ten Hawk creek culvert overflowed and damaged repair work that was performed following last weeks flood. Staff had just finished preparing 5 Raven rough in preparation for installation of 1/2 acre of sod this morning. That project will now be on hold until the soil is dry enough to work on. Members will need to be careful to not walk through the wet soil and track mud onto the green.

On a more positive note, the rain last night assured us we wont have to irrigate for some time now. That is potentially good news because the motors from our irrigation pumps are in being repaired following flood damage at pump house # 1.