Friday, 22 July 2011

Greens Aeration

The Raven course greens will be aerated on Tuesday August 1st following club championship. The greens will be aerated with a .3" solid tine followed by a topdressing. This is the same process that was used on the Hawk greens in June and the Raven greens last August.

To ensure the greens recover as quick as possible, the Raven greens have been fertilized with a pre aeration liquid fertilzer designed to help them heal as quick as possible. They will also be fertilzed the day before the aeration procedure as part of the pre aeration fertilizer program.

We would expect the greens to be healed within a week following aeration if the weather is cooperative.

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Bear Sighting At Priddis Greens

Black Bear running accross 13 Raven Fairway July 6th / 2011. (Photo taken by Hogan Short)

Wednesday evening a Black Blear was spotted roaming The Raven golf course on Holes 13 -16. If golfers spot a bear on the golf course we ask that you call the Golf Shop (403) 931-3316 and report the sighting to a Sr. staff member.
Priddis Greens staff will then send a staff member to monitor the situation and communicate the Bears location to other golfers on the golf course.
Fish and Wildlife officers will only be called if the bear is exhibiting aggressive characteristics.

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Paving 16 Hawk Cart Path

Paving 16 Hawk cart path on Tuesday afternoon July 5th

Priddis Greens staff hauling asphalt out to the contractors by tractor and trailer

The paving of 16 Hawk cart path was started on Tuesday July 5th and completion of the paving should be completed today July 6th.

The process is some what slower than a standard paving procedure due to the fact that the trucks hauling the asphalt can not access 16 Hawk due to the hills and trees near the golf hole. The asphalt trucks are dumping the asphalt in a staging area and Turf Care staff must re load asphalt into small trailers and haul the asphalt to the paving machine on the 16th hole. This process is slower than normal due to the fact that all materials will be doubled handled and the trailers used are 25% of the size of tandem trucks normally used. However utilizing these small trailers hauled by tractors will minimize damage that would have been caused by using the larger trucks.

Golfers are being asked to drive down the fairway on 16 Hawk today and exit the hole next to the putting green avoiding the path until the paving is complete.

Saturday, 2 July 2011

Golf Course Update

From Flooding to Draught

Its hard to believe that after what seemed like two months of flooding and excessive moisture the golf course is finally firmed up and in some spots getting dry. For the the first time this season staff have been irrigating tees, greens fairways and rough for the past 3-4 days.

One of the irrigation challenges that staff are being faced with is handling water springs popping up in random areas while the area next to the springs are dry. Often this requires hand watering which is labour intensive.

Turf Care staff have also been challenged with the automatic irrigation system shutting down in the middle of the night the past 2 nights in a row. The irrigation pumps tend to shut down when they are running on dirty power. The Priddis Greens area is very prone to dirty power supplied by our energy supplier which wreaks havoc on the irrigation system.

When the irrigation system shuts down during the night, staff have to re start the system when they show up at 5 am. Because there is not enough time to re run the entire irrigation cycle before staff and golfers begin at 6:30am, the golf course runs in deficit moisture requirement.

We are currently trouble shooting the problem to determine if there are possible internal solutions to this issue while simultaneously working on having our energy supplier fix their issue. This issue has been an on going challenge for many years and an external solution is not likely in the immediate future. If there are any members that may have influence with Fortis, your help would be welcome.

Golf Course Update

Paving 16 Hawk cart path

If the dry forecast holds true, we will be able to asphalt the gravel cart path and the relocated cart path on 16 Hawk. The asphalt contractor (All Star Paving) will be on site Monday July 4th - Wednesday July 7th working on that project and a few other minor repair jobs.

While the paving is being performed, golfers will be directed to drive down the fairway on 16 Hawk and exit near the green to avoid conflict with workers and their equipment.

There will be signs directing golfers and the Hawk starter will explain in further detail.

Golf Course Update

Stringy Fairway Cut Turf

18 Raven fairway on Saturday July 2nd - The fairway has an off colour appearance.
The tips of the turf on select back nine Raven fairways have this stringy fibrous appearance.

Each season during the summer, there are a few fairways on the golf course that the turf becomes stringy giving the fairway an off white appearance. The older Poa Annua turf on Raven holes 10,12,16 and 18 are particularly prone to this condition. This stringy condition normally follows an wet period when mowing schedules are disrupted and the grass grows longer than usual requiring extra mowing to get the fairway turf back to normal playing height of cut.

When the individual blades of grass become stringy it becomes very difficult to get a clean cut and the stringy blades get longer and messier looking.

Staff have been and will continue to brush the fairways to stand the turf up and mow the turf with a lower height of cut to mow under the stringy turf in order to remove the fibrous strings. Alternating mowing patterns and mowing directions on these fairays will also help to control this condition. This process will be repeated until the stringy turf is eliminated or reduced to a tolerable level. Brushing and cutting the turf at a low height of cut can add stress during hot weather, so staff may only be able to perform this process on a limited basis this week as the forecast is for hot dry conditions.