Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Bug Spray Damaging Turf

The pictures below identify what happens to turf when bug spray is applied to someones legs.

Please stand on a cart path when applying bug spray.

Saturday, 13 August 2011

10 Hawk Tee Update

The 10 Hawk Tee construction / re alignment project was completed this past week with the exception of asphalting the cart path and pouring the concrete curbing. Asphalt is scheduled for Tuesday August 16th and curbing on Thursday August 18th.

Opening date for using the new tees will depend on how quickly the turf begins to firm up and take root. In order to re open the tee sooner than later, a range mat may be used to reduce damage to the newly installed turf.

The following Photos highlight the work that was performed.

Stripping bentgrass off the old silver tee. The sod was saved for re installation on the new tee.

Shaping the new tee after all the turf was stripped and the sand base was salvaged for re -use.
The installation of new irrigation piping and relocation of sprinklers.

The sand base being prepared and leveled on the new tee location.

The bentgrass sod that was salvaged being reinstalled on the new tee
Sodding the tee tops almost complete

The new tee complete. Asphalting and curbing will be complete this coming week and the tee will open for play soon after.

Monday, 8 August 2011

10 Hawk Tee Re Alignment

Starting on Monday morning August 8th, Turf Care staff will begin the reconstruction - realignment project on number 10 Hawk tee.

The Silver and Black tees are being shifted approximately 10 meters to the right and re aligned to aim at the center of the fairway. The purpose of re locating and re aligning the tees is to have golfers aim away from the houses on the right in effort to reduce the number of errant golf balls hitting homes on the right side of the golf hole.

Project Schedule

Monday August 8th:
  • Remove sod, cart path, curbing

Tuesday August 9th

  • Shaping the new tees and cart path

Wednesday August 10th

  • Irrigation Installation

Thursday August 11th

  • Installation of Materials - Topspoil, sand base for tees, gravel for cart path

Friday August 12th

  • Sod around and on top of new tee decks

Saturday August 13th

  • Asphalt new cart path

Monday August 15th

  • Install concrete curbing

Tuesday August 16th

  • Final touch up and clean up

Thursday, 4 August 2011

10 Raven Green & Path Repair

Turf Care staff began the repair work to 10 Raven green, the green surround and the cart path adjacent to the green on Monday evening August 1st following the final tee time. The entire project should be completed by the end of day Thursday August 4th, with the 10th green re opening on Friday August 5th.

The repair work was required when the green, cart path and green surround slumped or settled due to hillside instability caused by excessive moisture.

The scope of work included:

1) Strip the sod off 10 Raven green

2) Lay the sod that was salvageable off to the side of the green to be saved for re installation in a few days.

3) Install new drainage in the green to replace damaged drain lines

4) Add 30 Cubic yards of new rootzone mix (sand base)

5) Regrade and prepare for sod installation

6) Re-install sod that was saved from the green

7) Install 600sq' of new sod to replace turf that was damaged during the settling of the green

8) Strip Bluegrass sod around the green and affected area

9) regrade the surrounds for improved drainage

10) Repair damaged drainage and irrigatiuon lines

11) Add topsoil and finish grade the entire 10,000square feet of green surround area

12) Install 10,000square feet of Bluegrass sod

13) Excavate damaged cart path

14) Install new asphalt over old cart path base

15) Concrete curb installation to be completed Friday

15) Aerate rough around green to relieve compaction from tractor trailor traffic

Turf Care staff will be micro managing the new sod until it is ready to play on in approximatley 1-2 weeks.

The entire project was estimated to cost in the range of $25,000

Staff Stripping sod off the green Monday night.

Staff Loading each peice of sod on idividual sheets of plywood to keep sod together so it fits back onto green perfect.

Excavating damaged cart path

Asphalting cart path. Path was widened 1 meter near the green for improved traffic flow.

Drainage installation in 10 raven green

Adding 30 Cubic yards of rootzone mix to 10 Raven green Scope of work area on and around 10 Raven green

div> Completed cart path repair and asphalting

< Green repair and sod completed late day Wednesday August 3rd.

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Raven GC Greens Aeration

The Turf Care staff started aerating the Raven GC greens on Monday night following club championship and completed the aeration task on Tuesday afternoon.

The aeration process:

1) Verticut greens 2 directions
2)Mow greens
3) Topdress each green with approximately 4,000 lbs of dried sand
4) Aerate greens with a .35" solid tine
5) Sweep sand with a tow behind greens brush
6) Brush sand across green 3 times with shop brooms
7) Blow sand with tow behind blower
8) Roll greens to eliminate tire tracks from equipment
9) Fertilize greens with 3 different fertilizers
10 Water fertilizer and sand into green profile

The greens will not be mowed for 1-2 days after aeration to let the grass grow through the topdressing sand. Rollers will be used to smooth the putting surfaces on Wednesday / Thursday.

The aeration holes should be healed over and the greens putting smooth again within 4-6 days.