Thursday, 29 March 2012

Golf Course Update March 29, 2012

Driving Range/Practice Facility Update

The driving range will open Friday at 12:00pm on hitting mats. Turf Care staff has worked hard to help facilitate melting of the remaining snow around the clubhouse and driving range areas. Even though the long range forecast looks favourable, the putting and chipping greens will remain closed. The short game practice facility will also remain closed until further notice.

Golf Course Update

Above seasonal temperatures have allowed Turf Care to see more and more of the golf course each day. Both courses are still 70% snow covered, but from what we have seen thus far everything looks good. We are snow blowing greens, tees and fairways when needed to help with the melting. It is still too early to forecast an opening. Stay tuned to this blog or the Priddis Greens website for more golf course updates.

Monday, 19 March 2012

Golf Course Update

Driving Range Update / Opening schedule

Approximatley 80% of the snow cover on the driving has melted. Turf Care Staff will snow blow the remainder of the snow this week to spread it around to facilitate melting.
This weeks forecast is showing temperatures that return to cooler seasonal temperatures which means very little melting and drying of the ground will happen. Fortunatley the long range forecast shows temperatures returning to double diget daily high's next week.

If the long range forecast stays reasonably close to accurate, we will plan and work toward having the driving range open for the last weekend in March or April 1st. Stay tuned to this blog or the Priddis Greens web site for updates as we get closer to the end of the month.

If the driving range opens as forecasted, the chipping green, practice putting green and short game practice areas will likely remain closed. These practice greens will open once the turf on the putting surfaces starts to grow. Without growth at this time of year, the turf will not recover from foot traffic and the greens will be set back significantly.

Golf Course Conditions

As the melt has slowly continued over the past week since our last update,
Turf Care Staff has been able to remove snow off a handful of greens and also
crawl under a few green covers to evaluate turf conditions.

So far the 8 greens that have had snow removed look good and the few greens
that we have crawled under the tarps also look good.

Snow is starting to recede from tree lines and we are seeing more and more
turf each day. We have seen some burrowing damage in the rough from voles
(minor so far) and a small amount of snow mold in rough (minor so far).

We are encouraged with the condition of the turf so far and we anxiously
await the big melt so we can see and prepare the remainder of the turf for
another golf season.

It is too early to start forecasting opening dates for the golf course as we
some holes that are entirely covered. Although if the trend of warm dry weather
continues, we will be in a position to start preparing the golf course for
opening a few weeks earlier than the past few years.

2 Raven Green After Snow Removal

4 Raven Fairway Friday march 16th
4 Raven fairway - Snow Cover 8 -12" deep (Friday March 16th)

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Golf Course Update March 11 2012

Driving Range Sunday March 11th / 2012

Hole # 12 Raven Sunday March 11 / 2012

Hole # 11 Raven Sunday March 11 / 2012

Hole # 17 Raven Sunday March 11 / 2012

Hole # 7 Hawk Sunday March 11 / 2012

Snow Melt Update:

The melting of snow over the past 3 days has been significant. As you can see in the photos, the open areas of the golf course are starting to open up but the shaded and low lying holes remain entirely covered with snow.

Driving Range Update:

With significant snow loss this weekend, some of the turf on the range is now exposed and there is only an average of approximately 1.5 " of snow covering the remainder of the driving range surface. The driving range could be open earlier than in the past few years if the long range forecast holds true. Stay tuned to this blog for further updates.

Turfgrass Conditions:

This time of year is a very anxious but exciting few weeks for us Golf Course Superintendents. We start to get the chance to evaluate the turf after it has gone through the long winter. Although the winter has been mild, the warm temperatures created ideal conditions for ice accumulation which can cause winter injury to the turf. Fortunately, the small amounts of turf we have been able to see so far looks good. We haven't seen any snow mold, very little vole damage, and no signs of ice damage yet! The turf is very dormant (brown), this is due to a long fall with very little snow cover. When we cut pieces of turf out of the ground and look closely there are plenty green shoots at the base and we have even started to see new roots growing already. This is a positive sign.

Maybe the greatest spring challenge here at Priddis Greens is how long the snow takes to melt and the ground to dry out because of extensive shade. One of the keys to having a good start to the season is for the turf to dry out as soon as possible, so it does not sit wet for extended periods. When the turf sits wet for extended periods it is susceptible to numerous plant health issues such as turf disease, poor vigour and crown rot. This is why we hope for a consistent warm melt followed by dry weather and no more snow. Because the shadows are so long at this time of year when the weather is cool and wet the turf can stay wet for weeks on end.

Stay tuned for future updates as we progress to the start of the golf season.

Friday, 9 March 2012

Golf Courses Update March 9th / 2012

13 Raven Remains Covered with close to 1 Foot of Snow!

The Driving Range remains covered in snow

Golf Course Update:

The golf course received approximately 7 inches of snow this past week and remains covered. With the warm weather forcasted over the next few days, the snow load is certain to be reduced. Turf Care staff will continue to monitor the melt and will be out this weekend ensuring any running water is being managed. Based on the warm forecast for next week Turf Care staff will start a big push to blow snow off greens and tees that hold water when the snow melts. We look forward to removing the snow off the few greens that have ice too see if there is any damage from the ice that has accumulated over the past 8 weeks. Stay posted to the blog to receive updates on how well things are progressing.

Blowing snow on 11 Raven green today

Driving Range Opening Date:

The driving remains covered in snow (between 6" -12"). The driving range is one of the most exposed areas on the entire golf course and will melt off before all other areas. We normally Target an opening date of April 1st for opening the driving range but of course it is entirely weather dependent. Turf Care staff will blow snow off the range if need be, to help get the range open as soon as possible. Once the snow has melted and the surface of the range is dry enough for golf balls not to plug and the ball picker to work, the range will be open.


There is a small pile of firewood remaining in the compound at 2 Hawk beside Priddis Greens Drive. Members are welcome to take this firewood free of charge. Most of the wood is Aspen or Poplar. As the snow recedes on the golf course, staff will be adding to the pile as we clean up the numerous trees that have blown over in storms this winter.

Skating Rink

The skating rink on 17 Hawk pond is now closed for the season.