Friday, 25 May 2012

Golf Course Update

It has been a very active few weeks in Turf Care since the last blog post.

Now that the golf course has been open for three weeks the maintenance programs are in full swing.

On alternating weeks the putting surfaces on each of the Hawk and Raven golf courses have been and will continue to be verticut, topdressed and spiked. This process helps to control grain, aids in enhancing surface firmness as well as smoothing the surface of the greens. The spiking will also help water and air penetration into the putting green which promotes rooting and healthier turf.

Greens were fertilized this past week with a foliar (liquid) fertilizer and our first growth regulator application of the season was applied. Growth regulators are applied with each foliar fertilizer application throughout the season to enhance turf density,plant health and in general, improved playability on the putting surfaces.

Greens were also fertilized this past Tuesday - Wednesday with 3 granular fertilizer products. A control release fertilizer product that supplies the turf with very small amounts of Nitrogen that supplements the bi-weekly foliar fertilizer spray program. The other 2 fertilizer products are applied to balance soil chemistry for optimum turf growth. With very high pH in our soil and water (7.8 - 9.8) these products help to provide essential nutrients to the turf that are normally unavailable when the pH is very high.

The Construction and project crew have also had a very productive past two weeks in completing a creek stabilization project at 11 Hawk creek and have installed 30,000 sq' of sod replacing snow mold damaged turf.

Contractors are now well into the fence construction at the Turf Care compound adjacent to Priddis Greens Drive near #2 Hawk. The new fence will provide a visual barrier to the compound were materials such as topdressing sands and construction materials are stored.

The bunker crew also had a very productive week while starting an aggressive bunker edging project. The bunker crew will continue to edge green side bunkers over the next week or two prior to moving into fairway bunkers. The purpose of edging bunkers is to define the edge of the hazard and to reduce the potential for grass growing in the perimeter of the bunkers. Edging also provides a sharp margin on the edge of the bunkers that enhances aesthetics. This bunker edging process will take approximately 3 weeks.

The Horticulture crew has been preparing the flower beds and will commence planting next week (May 28th).

Saturday, 12 May 2012

Golf Course Update - The Week in Review

May 5th - 12th

The past week was a very interesting week at Priddis Greens as the weather threw a few curve balls.

  • Select greens on the Hawk and Raven golf courses were sprayed with a Fungicide to control a turfgrass disease that infects the roots on bentgrass. At this point we are very pleased with the response and recovery on the affected turf.
  • On Saturday May 5th the golf course received  6" of heavy wet snow that shut the golf course down for the entire weekend.
  • The golf course reopened Monday and finally Turf Care staff were able to get back out and prepare the golf course for members. The golf course was very wet after the snow melted due to the 1.5" of moisture that the snow provided.
  • Staff were able to fertilize greens on both golf courses on Monday 
  • Tuesday and Wednesday the staff performed our first verticut and sand topdressing of the year on both the Hawk and Raven. The verticut and sand topdressing is a weekly - bi weekly program that helps keep the putting greens firm and smooth.
  • Thursday morning the golf course was blasted with a quick 3 hour snow storm that dumped 3" of snow. While the golf course was closed in the morning, Turf Care staff installed 18,000 square feet of sod on holes 4&7 Raven and 14 Hawk. Working in the snow and moisture adds many difficult elements to the installation process. However the staff did an exceptional job.
  • Tees were fertilized on Friday morning.
  • Training of new staff continues to be a focus.
Miscellaneous Notes from the week:

  • Select greens were fertilized a second time  this week with a liquid fertilizer on Friday morning as part of a spring recovery program to fill in any thin or weak areas on putting greens. This process of extra light applications of liquid fertilzer will happen 2-3 times / week until the required turf density is achieved.
  • The installation of a new fence around the 2 Hawk materials compound and Turf Care Facility was started late this week and will continue over the next 3 weeks.
  • Irrigation pipe repair caused by ice in pipe was completed on holes 2, 9 & 12 Raven. The ground remains frozen in shaded areas and the water has re froze in the pipes in these areas rendering the irrigation system until the ground thaws out.
  • The bunker left of 3 Hawk green had new drainage installed and sand replaced (currently in the process)
  • Green speeds were in Range for the first time this season as the height of cut was lowered by .010" and greens rolling was initiated.

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Golf Course Marking Modifications 7 & 8 Hawk

Priddis Greens members, please be advised that the property line on the right hand side of holes # 7 and 8 of The Hawk golf course have now been marked as out of bounds. The out of bounds / property line has been marked with white paint. Out of bounds stakes have been ordered and will be installed in the near future.

Priddis Greens Weather Station

Priddis Greens G&CC has installed a weather station on the golf course.  The weather station will provide more accurate data for on site weather . The weather is data logged and will provide  accurate daily weather records specific to the Priddis Greens micro climate. The weather station provides accurate weather information in the following areas:

  • Temperatures
  • Relative Humidity
  • Wind Speed
  • Precipitation
The information provided by the weather station is both data logged into the station and it sends the information to a web site through wireless technology.

Members are able to access this information from a computer or smart phone by clicking on the following URL.