Tuesday, 12 June 2012

The Hawk GC Greens Aeration Program

The Hawk Golf Course will be closed on Monday June 18th for the annual putting green aeration program.

Believe it or not, Turf Care staff are probably the only people who dislike the putting green aeration process more than golfers. It is a very difficult and onerous task that takes huge amounts of labour and is very stressful on all staff involved. If the weather does not cooperate and it rains during the aeration process (it always rains during greens aeration) the finished product can be less than the intended standard.

Of course, in reality, golfers do not dislike the aeration process but dislike putting on greens that have aeration holes in them for 10-14 days after the aeration process. One of our main goals during the greens aeration process is to minimize the time it takes for the aeration holes to heal over. The healing process is directly impacted by pre and post aeration fertilizer practices to encourage growth, the quality of the topdressing process to fill the holes with sand and weather. Staff have control of the the first two items but unfortunately not the weather. If warm sunny days that encourage turf recovery follow aeration the greens will heal quickly and if the weather is cool and wet the holes will stick around longer.

For a more in depth agronomic look at why putting green aeration is important please click on the following URL.


Saturday, 9 June 2012

Practice Green and Event Lawn Construction

The construction of the new practice putting green and event lawn area will commence on Tuesday June 12 / 2012. The contractors will be on site early on Tuesday June 12th and will start the demolition process of removing the asphalt from the old tennis court and will be removing the sod and other organic debris at the same time. During the demolition process there will be approximately 75 trucks required to haul the materials off site. The asphalt will be hauled to a recycling plant and the organic debris will be hauled to an off site compost pile. During the initial demolition and hauling process, access to the top entrance of the Club House may be cordoned off for safety purposes. If the top entrance is cordoned off, there will be daily updates on the members section of the Priddis Greens web site. Parking lot access will then be limited to the lower entrance only.

The entire project is scheduled to take 4-5 weeks to complete not factoring weather delays. Updates will also be provided on this blog and on the members web site for access information to the Raven 1st and 10th tees as well as the Snack Shop.

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Flood Prevention Work Put To The Test

The flood prevention work that was performed in the fall of 2011 after the golf course was closed was put to the test last night and this morning after a heavy rain of more than 2.5" + overnight at the golf course. We are pleased to report the new culverts, bridge, stream bank stabilization and spill-way all worked very well.

Prior to this work being performed the golf course would have been unable to open today and there would have been significant damage. Instead, the water in the creek banks calmly flowed through the culverts and exited the golf course with very little to no damage. Staff were able to spend their time working on storm damage in the playable areas instead of sandbagging the creeks.

The culvert on 9 Hawk handling the water with ease

The culvert in front of 10 Hawk Tee in heavy flow - no problem

The culvert under 11 hawk cart path

The new bridge and rock armouring along the creek bank during high flows on Wednesday Morning

Water crossing the path at 17 Raven, hitting the curb and flowing down the rock spillway. As planned!