Tuesday, 1 October 2013

15 Hawk Green Construction Update

The construction process of the rebuild on 15 Hawk green has gone very well during the first eight days. The contractors (builders) from Goodwin Golf together with Priddis Greens staff have worked sun up until sun down everyday to take advantage of the dry weather.

The following list highlights the sequence of events that have been completed or worked on so far.

1) Demolition - All of the old sod from the 15th green and surrounding area had to be removed and hauled off property. The sand root zone from the green and bunker sand was also hauled away from the site. Normally a green has 12" of sand / peat root zone mix on it, however more than 36" of sand was removed from the old green. More than 150 tractor trailer loads of material was moved from the site to the Turf Care staging area to be recycled or hauled off site to a compost facility.

2) Tree Removal - Selective tree removal was performed along the back right corner of the green to reduce the penal aspect of a shot missed by a few yards. This will provide golfers enhanced options for recovery shots after an errant tee shot.

3) Earth works / Shaping - The shaping of the new green complex was completed in a day. The new green complex included shaping the green, bunkers, fairway and green surrounds (rough). The old green used to sit below the surrounding area and the new green sits above the surrounding area. More than 100 tonnes of fill (clay) was required to build the base for the new green.

4) Greens drainage / Gravel Layer / Root zone mix - Over the weekend the contractors completed the installation of drainage on the green, added 4" of drainage gravel to the base of the green then installed 12" of sand / peat root zone to very close to the final grade of the finished green. The new green shape and size  is now in place.

5) Drainage and Irrigation - After the new golf hole starts to take shape, more drainage and the irrigation system is installed. This collaborative effort between Goodwin Golf and PG Staff started on Monday September 30 and should be complete by Wednesday or Thursday of this week.

The Next Steps: Schedule (Weather pending)

1) Complete drainage and Irrigation -  (Completed Thursday October 3rd)
2) Bunker construction / bunker drainage / Sand installation -  (Completed Thursday October 3rd)
3) Topsoil - (Thursday - Saturday, October 5th)
4) Finish grade work - (Saturday - Sunday, October 6th)
5) Sod  (Monday - Tuesday, October 7th - 8th)
6) Grow in (Remainder of October)


First Day of Demolition (Old 15th Hole)


15 Hawk following sod stripping
The New Green Taking Shape
Bull Dozer Pushing Root zone on The New Green
Shaping New Bunker On The Right of The Green

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

15 Hawk Green Construction


The re development of the entire Hawk GC 15th green complex includes the re – design of the putting green, green surrounds, fairway and  bunkers. This project has been identified as the number 1 priority in the master plan and has been discussed at the committee and board level for more than a decade.


The new green in this proposal will be almost 60% larger in size than the original green and the new design will provide:

·         Improved playability

·         Greater variety of hole locations

·         Larger target from the tee

·         Enhanced recovery shot options

·         Improved strategic shot values

·         More user friendly for higher handicap players

·         Improved agronomics

o   enhanced drainage

o   improved wear tolerance from foot traffic

o   reduced winter injury potential


The scope of work during this re design will include demolition of all existing features and turf on the green side of the pond, limited tree removal, complete new drainage and irrigation installation and all new sod on the putting green, fairway and rough.

The construction schedule for this project is September 23rd - October 17th. The project  will require closing the golf hole until the end of the season.

The opening schedule for the new green in the spring of 2014 will largely be dependent on weather and soil temperatures which affect turf growth and rooting of sod. A normal spring and the green may be open by early May and a cool spring may see the green open a few weeks later.

Priddis Greens Management will provide project management while working closely with Wade Horrocks from ground3 (GC Architect) & Goodwin Golf (Builder) to complete the project.



Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Golf Course Etiquette Videos

Attached to this Blog post are links to 7 instructional videos that the club has created for new member’s orientation. The videos are designed to show new members the Priddis Greens method of caring for the golf course. We encourage all members to view each video as there may be information that you are not aware of or may find interesting.

The seven videos include:
1) Golf Cart Driving Policy
2) Practice Green Etiquette
3) Replacing Fairway Divots
4) Ball Mark Repair
5) Bunker Etiquette
6) Practice Tee Divot Pattern

7) Miscellaneous – Bug spray, Smoking & Pace of Play

Click the link below

1) Gofl Cart Driving Policy

2) Practice Green Etiquette

3) Replacing Fairway Divots

4) Ball Mark Repair

5) Bunker Etiquette

6) Practice Tee Divot Patterns

7) Miscellaneous

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

A New Born Mule Deer Fawn Photo

A FewTurf Care Staff Witnessed The Birth of This New Born Fawn Beside 6 Raven Tee on Wednesday June 26th
(Photo taken by Turf Care Staff Member Matt Matkin)

Sunday, 30 June 2013

"Priddis Pride" - Turf Care Department Guest Blogger

As a 23 year member and Past President of Priddis Greens and now in retirement a member of the Priddis Greens Turf Care Team, I find that I am asking myself, almost everyday where did our “Priddis Pride” go?  I know that all the members of the Turf Care Department have it, as witnessed by the 75 members that worked long hours during last weeks storms and flooding putting the course back in top shape for our members and continue to do so day in and day out.  I know that all the other departments (Pro Shop, Food & Beverage and Administration) have “Priddis Pride” as they all work diligently to provide the best service possible in their respective areas. I know that many of our members have it, as they compliment and even boast about what a great facility we have and how lucky we are to have so many dedicated people managing and working at Priddis Greens.  “Priddis Pride” in many cases is about housekeeping, which is not something many people like, but it should be part of everyone’s responsibility.

It appears that some members don‘t seem to share the Priddis Pride Vision that was established as a motto many years ago, as evidenced by some of the things I see everyday as I work and golf at our club.

It is important to obey the Cart Path Ruling for the day and never drive in any rough areas except to enter and exit the fairway when the ‘Stake to Stake’ ruling is in effect.  Driving on the rough compacts the grass and over time becomes unsightly and difficult to mow.  The enter/exit stakes are move regularly to control cart traffic wear and protect the rest of the rough.  On days (or holes) where the ruling is Cart Paths only, if your ball is on the short fairway grass, when you walk out to it, get in the habit of taking the container of divot mix with you, to use in case you create a divot when taking your shot.  Fixing divots helps the course heal and makes for better playability for everyone.

If you use a pull cart for your round, please return it to the clubhouse or starter’s shack when you are finished.  Leaving them out on the course, because you decided to accept a ride with someone that is on a power cart could result in it being stolen or it requires someone from the back shop having to go out and collect it at the end of the day.  Similarly when there is a ‘shotgun’ start and you take a pull cart to or near your starting hole in the trunk of your vehicle, when you return to your car, please bring the cart back to the clubhouse.

Ball marks on greens are another area where each member should take time to fix their own ball mark and any other ball marks they see. The smallest things like cigarette butts tossed on tee boxes and greens or worse the plastic tips from cigarillo products that can damage mower blades, to beer/pop cans/coffee cups/food wrappers etc. is unsightly when left on the course.  We have garbage and recycle containers at every tee box, halfway house, parking lot and many other places throughout the property so there is no excuse for not being able to find one.  Then there are the larger things that I notice that have a negative affect on the aesthetics and on the condition of our facilities.

This is NOT where to enter, exit or the condition to leave a bunker in.
(picture from June 26,2013)

Take bunkers for example, if you are in a bunker (even the Short Game Practice bunker) it is your responsibility to rake it when you exit the bunker so that it is in good condition for the next member or guest that has the misfortune of hitting into that bunker.   Speaking of exiting (and entering) bunkers, please take the time to walk around to the ‘lowest’ point to enter, hit your shot and then rake your way back out and exit at the ‘lowest’ point.  If you have to ‘side step’ up or down the side of a bunker, that’s an indication that you are not using the lowest point. (see my Blog on this topic from Saturday, May 11, 2013 – click on Older Posts at the bottom right).

Let’s bring back PRIDDIS PRIDE where everyone, does their part to make and keep Priddis Greens the premier golf facility that it is.
Dave Harron

Member and Past President

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

The Flood of 2013 - 6+" of rain in 2 days

After the golf course was closed for 2 days of rain and 1.5 days of flood damage clean up and repair, I believe we can consider ourselves very fortunate to have the golf course open for play and have the damage limited to out of play areas for the most part.

The ongoing flood repair work that has been completed over the past few years has paid of by minimising damage and closures to the golf course.

I would like to give a BIG THANK YOU to the dedicated Turf Care Team who worked through the storm and flood in less than desirable weather, at times risking personal safety to protect the golf course from flood damage. Almost the entire staff of 75 people worked in  inclement weather and then came in on scheduled days off and worked 10+ hour days to have the golf course ready as soon as possible for members enjoyment .

Although we were able to get the golf course open quickly following this flood, there remains a significant amount of clean up and repair work that will continue for a number of weeks. In order to complete this repair work, some regular scheduled detailing on the golf course will not be completed in order to schedule staff to get this extra work done

On another note, all Priddis Greens staff send out well wishes to our counterparts at the numerous golf courses across Southern Alberta that are dealing with horrific damage to their golf courses caused by the floods of 2013. Priddis Greens is doing our part to assist other  golf courses by lending them pumps, equipment, and volunteer to help with such tasks as chainsaw work removing tree debris. This assistance will hopefully provide others with a hand too get their operations back up running again sooner.

The following photo's were taken during and after the flood at Priddis Greens:















Sunday, 2 June 2013

Flower Planting Season

Hats off to the Horticulture team who received their first load of plant material late Tuesday afternoon and planted 1,898 plants in a day and a half! The gardens will be exploding with color in no time. Planting the flowers is definitely the most exciting time for the hort team but the work started much earlier for these girls. Preparing the beds for plants consists of removing excess debris, cutting back perennials and adding a nutrient rich garden mix. The garden mix is a combination of sand, peat moss and good old fashion cow manure. This acts as a slow release fertilizer as well as promoting good soil retention. One of many steps we take to ensure the success of our gardens throughout our season.

Friday, 31 May 2013

18 Hawk Pond Retaining Wall Reconstruction

  In late April, work began on the demolition of the railroad tie retaining wall, and reconstruction using stone around the first pond on 18 Hawk.  Over the years the ground behind the wall had started to slough. This caused safety issues for golfers, and an unpleasing appearance.

Sloughed and uneven wall
One of a few sloughed and dangerous areas

    After pulling the existing wall out and stripping the work area of sod it was discovered that most of the the area around the pond had been backfilled with sand during original construction.  This explained why the area had sloughed so badly and why so much material had 'disappeared' over the years.  This caused an unforeseen issue, whereas the sand had to be removed and replaced with clay fill in order for the new wall to be constructed properly.  Approximately 500 cubic yards of fill was brought in.
Pulling ties, often one at a time

Sand backfill that almost reached the Fairway needed to be removed

Hauling in fill, and removing sand

Fill in and bench for stonework set
   After hauling in fill and improving the work area, work is set to begin on wall construction. Filter fabric was laid out and a gravel base laid. With that the first course of stonework and base of the wall is ready to be set.

Setting the base course
    Keeping a constant eye the on line of the base, the wall began to take shape. Each layer of rock was also backfilled with drainage gravel as the wall was built.

Eyeing up the line

Halfway through base course

   Once the first course had been placed,  the real challenge began.  This wall took on the properties of a puzzle, trying to fit this rock here and that rock there.  It took many long days to get the right pieces into place and at times a lot of head scratching.

Final grading and loam before sodding    

  After a few setbacks and unpredictable but typical Priddis Greens weather events (snow)  the pond was completed on the 23rd of May almost a month after breaking ground. Thanks to Construction Foreman Ross Moore, Intern Ethan Bailey and an outside contractor from Goodwin Golf.  The result of their hours of hard work is a visually stunning wall that members will be able to enjoy for years to come!

Saturday, 25 May 2013

Driving fairways after the rain


Approximatley 2.5" (63mm) of Rain Tests The New Drainage System on Holes 6 & 7 Hawk

From Wednesday evening to Friday evening Priddis Greens received in the neighbourhood of 2.5" of rain, putting to test the new slit drainage system installed last fall on holes 6 & 7 Hawk.

During and after two days of steady rain, we are pleased to report that the drainage system is working very well. It is safe to say these two holes have gone from the wettest to the driest on all 36 holes of golf.

Holes 6 & 7 Hawk were chosen as a a test case to perform this style of drainage installation for numerous reasons,  primarily because drainage patterns from the surrounding areas impact both holes simultaneously. Also, these holes remained very wet during extended periods of wet cool weather.

While this recent rain event has provided feedback that the drainage system works very well, Turf Care staff will be observing and monitoring the effectiveness of this drainage system throughout the next few months. We expect there to be a learning period of a full season on how to best manage these holes in regards to changes in irrigation, fertilizer and topdressing strategies.

What members can now expect on these two golf holes:

1) Dry firm playing conditions throughout the season
2) Healthier turf providing better playing conditions and improved aesthetics
3) Access to these fairways with golf carts while other holes are paths only due to wet conditions
4) The slit drains will grow in throughout the golf season and be covered in by August

Saturday, 11 May 2013

Turf Care Department Guest Blogger

Golf Course Maintenance - a Members Prospective:

This is my second entry in the Priddis Greens Turf Care Blog as a Priddis Greens Golf Club member and a member of the Priddis Greens Turf Care Team.               (see Sunday, April 21st entry)

Now that we have finally opened all 36 holes and the Turf Care staff has begun their regular daily golf course maintenance schedules, I wanted to highlight an area where 'members' could assist with an ongoing maintenance task.

You may not notice, but a very significant amount of time and effort is devoted to raking every bunker, every morning to provide members with the best 'playability' aspect that we can.  The Bunker Team grooms each bunker first by turning the bunker rake upside down, (teeth up) so they can smooth the sides of the bunkers.  This is done to help golf balls roll down to the bottom of the bunker to a flatter surface to assist golfers in being able to hit the ball out.  In addition the bottom of the bunkers are raked to fill in any leftover footprints and ball marks and to fluff up the sand, again for better playability.  All this work however, is often negated by golfers who have the misfortune to hit into a bunker and then not raking it carefully (or at all) when they leave it.  After a day of this type of activity it takes the Bunker Team a lot longer to get them back into proper condition the next morning.  If you are playing later in the day you must wonder why the Turf Care people never seem to rake the bunkers.  In fact on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday we run what we call the GAP Program, where we put a full team out on one of the 18 hole courses between 11 AM & 1 PM.  We go through all the morning routines again including re-raking all the bunkers, alternating between the Raven and Hawk courses.  Yet each morning when we go out, the bunkers often look like golfers have been playing Beach Volleyball in them!

Bunkers come in all sizes and shapes but they all have one common characteristic and that is, there is a 'low side' and a 'high side' to each of them.  Rakes are normally placed near the 'low side’, which should be your 'entry and exit' point to any bunker.  Many bunkers actually have a very steep high side, which should NEVER be the side that one enters or tries to exit a bunker from.  This breaks down the sides and creates a great deal of work to repair.  In addition to breaking down these higher sloped sides often contaminates the sand in the bunker with dirt/clay that is dug up from ‘climbing’ in and out on these steep slopes.   Please take the time to walk around to the low side to step into and out of the bunker.

So, quite simply if you find yourself having hit into any bunker, please enter at the lowest point, take your shot and then rake the sand as smooth as possible as you back out on the same path and exit at the lowest point.  This will reduce the amount of raking you need to do, reduces unnecessary repair work by the Bunker Teams and it saves the integrity of the bunker for the next golfer who has the misfortune on hitting into it.  Turf Care will still rake the bunkers every day (sometimes twice a day) but we would appreciate the cooperation and assistance from all golfers in helping us to maintain the beautiful golf course that we have here at Priddis Greens.
                                                                                                                                                            - Dave Harron
                                                       Priddis Greens Member (Past President)

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

18 Hawk Pond - May 8th,2013

First rocks are being place to start building the pond wall.

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Pin Sheet App

If you haven't already, download the ezLocator Pin Sheet App through the iTunes store.

This App displays the daily pin locations, with a detailed view of the pin location, the shape of the green as well as measurement from the center and front and edge of the green. This application is easy to use and provides a unique amenity to our membership.

We have set up “Private” access for our club. To access our club, click on the "Private Club" tab in the App and enter the provide ID and password.


Member password: 742417

Saturday, 4 May 2013

April 27th - May 3rd : The week in Review

As usual, spring in the Foothills of the Rocky Mountains has been predictably unpredictable. The following is an overview of the work performed last week to prepare the golf course for opening.

Saturday / Sunday April 27/28th 
Last weekend had temperatures between 14 and 22 degrees and strong winds that helped to melt snow and dry out the golf course. A staff of 35 strong worked long days over the weekend to get the golf course ready for opening nine holes on Monday April 29th.

Monday April 29th
The back nine Raven was opened on Monday morning for play, however withing two hours a snow storm blew in and the golf course became unplayable.

Tuesday April 30th
The golf course was covered in 4" of fresh snow. Most staff that had worked through the weekend were given the day off because of the snow cover. Sr. staff continued to work projects, tree work and planning.

Wednesday May 1st
- The golf course remained snow covered until approximately 6:00pm. Again staff were given the day off due to snow.
-Sr. Staff continued on projects, tree work and preparing for the next week.

Thursday May 2nd
- The back nine Raven re opened and staff continued to work on course clean up, bunker repair, verti-cut and fairway clean up, charging the irrigation system and preparing greens for old Hawk nine opening.
-  Bunker repair / clean up from winter erosion (crew of 10)
-  Steve Lockhart (Irrigation Manager) works late so we have irrigation ready for Friday to irrigate in a preventative fungicide for Take - All Patch prevention  on specific greens.
- Stump Grinding
- Repair begins on a 6" mainline irrigation break behind
- Fertilize all practice greens and original 18 greens.

Friday May 3rd
- The Old Hawk nine was opened , we are now open on 18 holes. Turf Care staff focusing all efforts on preparing the front nine for a possible Sunday opening.
- The front nine remains very wet from the recent snow fall and heavy shade. The surface moisture makes clean up from fairway verti cutting extra labour intensive and less effective. We need warm windy conditions would be terrific to help this process to get this done.
- Wetting agent sprayed on new Hawk Greens
- A rental stump grinder arrives and we begin 2 weeks of stump grinding more than 250 stumps from the winter dead tree removal program
- Fairway aeration began on front nine Raven

Friday, 26 April 2013

Friday April 26th 2013

A busy day preparing the golf course for opening.

On the same day, staff are shovelling snow and ice from greens, and on other parts of the golf course fairways and greens are being verticut & mowed to prepare for opening. 

Shovelling snow and ice off 18 Hawk green to remaove the last of all the covers on greens.

Mowing fairways - the first cut of the year (18 Raven)

Verti cutting fairways (de thatching) - 18 Raven

Sweeping the debris remaining after verti cutting a fairway

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Green Cover Removal # 1 Hawk Green - April 25th , 2013

Before the projected 50 -70KM / Hr winds, staff are removing greens covers this morning as fast as possible.